Blanche DuBois

When the play first begins, Blanche is already a fallen women. Her family’s fortune and house are gone, her husband committed suicide years earlier, and she is the talk of the town due to her indiscreet sexual behavior. She also has a bad drinking problem. Blanche is an insecure, dislocated individual. She’s an aging Southern belle of perpetual panic about her fading beauty. Her manner is dainty and frail, and she wears cheap evening clothes, but Stanley quickly sees through that and seeks information about her past.



I’m pretty sure there are a lot of characters that are similar to Blanche DuBois, but to me, Blanche reminds me of Jay Gatsby from “The Great Gatsby”. Gatsby has material wealth, but experiences a lot of unfortunate events throughout his life, and so does Blanche. Some of events were Daisy leaving him for Tom and not waiting for him to come back, rumors being made about him, and Daisy leaving him again and him having to cover for Daisy killing Myrtle. Blanche had problems too. She lost the house in Mississippi and the same problems she ran away from in Mississippi came back for her in New Orleans. 


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